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Short on Time?

Try our new express service, GO Express. With a GO Express service, your vehicle service will be conducted within an allotted time by a team of technicians who will work on your vehicle using a proven method that ensures we can get you back on the road in just an hour (an additional half hour is required for combined service and MOTs).

GO Express is available at our dealerships in Wimbledon and Crawley.


  • GO Express offers you much more convenience. Instead of making 2 trips to and from the dealership, you'll only need to pay us a single visit.
  • Customers with appointments know how long it is expected to be, so you can plan the rest your day.
  • Our customer lounge is a relaxing environment with complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi, a TV and newspapers, giving you ultimate comfort.

What is it NOT?

It’s not just routine servicing - we will also be able to offer ‘Amber’ work such as pads & discs as an Express appointment job in the future, however items such as bulbs and wiper blades can be changed during the service.

Any Service + Wash/Vac done in 60 minutes at an appointment time

MOT + Any Service + Wash/Vac done in 90 minutes at an appointment time


What if you're late?

The service advisor will liaise with the workshop to agree a revised completion time.

What if you ask for additional work on the day?

We will have spoken to every customer 48 hours beforehand to minimise this problem but if a customer does arrive with additional work we will discuss it with them to revise the completion time or re-book the additional work.

If you are doing it more quickly, why isn’t it cheaper?

Because we have invested considerable time and effort in developing this method, we are using two fully-trained Vauxhall technicians and genuine parts to do the work.

What if the vehicle is NOT ready on time?

We will inform the customer immediately if any unforeseen issues arise with the job and negotiate a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Please call to book or speak with a member of the team for more information

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