Air Con Service

Air Conditioning Service & Regas

Stay extra cool this Summer, by visiting your local GO Vauxhall Dealership

Air Con Service & Regas Includes:

Refrigerant Check

UV Dye Leak Test*

Visual Inspection of the Air Con System - Including the Compressor, Condenser, Hoses and Drive Belts

New Lubricant Oil

Gas Refill

Temperature Check

*If we discover a leak or fault, we will discuss and recommend repairs required and provide you with a quote before any work is carried out. When we refill your gas we replace and recharge your lubricant and refrigerant in line with your Vauxhall's recommend level.

Air Con Service & Regas R134a


Air Con Service & Regas R1234yf


EU Regulation for the new air conditioning refrigerant R1234yf is mandatory in all vehicles built after 1st January 2017, please check your vehicles manual for more information or make an online enquiry. Our prices are also competitive and reflect upon the current market prices within the oil & gas industry.

*Available at GO Vauxhall Chislehurst, Croydon, Crawley & Wimbledon

Air Con De-Bug


This treatment decontaminates and kills bacterial build up and removes odours from your Air Con system and vehicle cabin, leaving your vehicle with that brand new smell.

Air Con Diagnostics


Half an hours full Inspection of the Air Con System including - Temperature Check, Refrigerant Check, UV Leak Test, Compressor, Condenser, Hoses and Drive Belts.

What is the New R1234yf Gas?

In consideration to the environmental effects of the R134 gas used in older vehicles, a new EU regulation was put in place to reduce its huge effects on the environment. In response, a new lower more significantly impactful environmental gas R1234yf was created by some of the largest manufacturers, with considerate R&D investment (Hence the high cost, which we should see reduce over the years when this new product phases out its predecessor). As of the 1st January 2017 all new vehicles built after this date by law will need to be filled with this new gas, but some manufactures already have been doing so since 2013.

This new gas also requires new air conditioning technology, where at GO Vauxhall we have invested in new machines to support the growing number of vehicles on the road that require this new standard of air con gas.

Vauxhall models that use this new gas;

Corsa 2014

Astra 2015

Mokka X 2016

Insignia 2017

Crossland X 2017

Grandland X 2018

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