7 Winter Car Hacks To Get You Through Winter | GO Vauxhall

Here are a few tips to help get you through this icy winter!

1) Credit card

Waking up when its 0 degrees outside is miserable, when you have finally drawn up enough courage to step outside to face the day ahead you see that the car has a thick layer of ice on the windscreen, you then have to proceed to rummage around your boot for the ice scraper that you could have sworn was kicking around the whole of summer and when you finally need it, it’s nowhere to be seen.

Alas, forget the ice scraper, a trusty Tesco club card will do just fine *other brands are available* as it can flex to the curvature of the windscreen allowing you to remove more ice through a single passing….in other words it just works better than a scraper and you are more than likely to have an unused loyalty card in your wallet.

2) Shaving Cream

What is the combination of demisting windows quickly? Fan on max with heat on max? AC on with heat turned up? AC on Fan turned up with windows down? It seems that fogged up windows are the bane of all drivers as I am sure you have tried wiping down the outside and inside of the windows yet they remains foggy.

I have learnt the key is to apply shaving cream to the inside of the window then wiping it away as shaving cream contains a lot of defogging properties!

3) Cat litter

Another quick solution to foggy windows is to bag up some cat litter into a sock and use it as a dehumidifier as it will absorb the moisture in the air.

4) Socks

On the topic of socks, people of the internet have sworn their effectiveness when trying to push a car out of the snow as it allows for better friction, this may work but you won’t be winning any fashion awards anytime soon. The idea is to keep a spare pair of socks in your glove box and to slip them over your shoes when you need the traction to push cars out of deep snow.

5) Raise your wipers

With the British weather we have there is no doubt that rain will be followed by cold nights followed by more rain with and extra dashing of ice showers. Stop them sticking to the windshield and potentially ripping apart! Just raise them up!

6) Windscreen Cover

We like simplicity and this one trumps them all, just put a bed sheet or plastic sheet over the windscreen to stop it getting frosted overnight!

7) Winter Safety check

To offer that extra peace of mind we at go Vauxhall are also offering a 25 point winter inspection to help prepare your car for winter! Click hereto find out more.

And it’s as simple as that, these are a few little pointers to get everyone through the winter.