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  • Auto Express hales OnStar as ‘high-tech revolution’
  • OnStar includes Wi-Fi hotspot and emergency response notification
  • Brit-built Vivaro commended in Van of the Year category
  • GM President Alan Batey inducted into Auto Express Hall of Fame

Vauxhall OnStar has won its first major award in UK, ahead of its launch this summer, from Auto Express.

Winning the hotly-contested Technology Award, OnStar heralds a new era for vehicle innovation, taking in-car connectivity to new heights already enjoyed by more than seven million GM customers in North America, China and Mexico.

OnStar, which has received a glowing reception during its media launch this week, is a new, one-of-a-kind system, giving you a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to seven devices, emergency response notification if the airbag deploys and stolen vehicle recovery technology.

Connecting drivers directly with a call centre advisor, it provides owners with a personal assistant 24/7. For example, with Destination Download, you can call your OnStar advisor in-car and they’ll pinpoint your desired destination and send the address to your vehicle’s navigation system.

“We’re thrilled to be recognised for OnStar, which is already making a great impression on the media at its press launch this week,” said Jon Hyde of Vauxhall OnStar. “This Auto Express Award shows Vauxhall is at the forefront of vehicle technology and connectivity, and we’re excited to introduce it to our customers this summer.”

Vauxhall was also commended in the Van of the Year category for the Luton-built Vivaro. Auto Express described the mid-sized van as “packed with clever features to maximise load space and make everyday use that much easier”. Engine refinement and ride comfort also counted in the Vivaro’s favour.

Meanwhile, Alan Batey, General Motors Executive Vice President and President, North America, was inducted into the Auto Express Hall of Fame. Beginning his career at GM in 1979 as an engineering apprentice with Vauxhall in Luton, Batey has risen up the ranks of GM, and this esteemed award demonstrates the mark he has made on the industry, in both Britain and worldwide.

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