GO Get Dirty at the Mud Monsters Run! | GO Vauxhall


On 8th October, TeamGO ran the 10k Mud Monsters Run in Crawley! They certainly did #GETDIRTY and had a thoroughly great day!

Not only did we have a team run the gruelling obstacle course, we had on show two of our Brand New Mokka X’s in Black 'n' Blue as part of an obstacle, as well as an ADAM in Red 'n' Roll and another White Mokka X on the banks for the crowd to admire.

We certainly made a Mokkary of conventional vehicle displays!

After a pep talk and warm up routines to blazing music the claxon sounded and our team of 4 set off at 11:10am, their allotted time, in a group of 30.

The conditions were ideal, it was cool, the sun was shining and as the name of the run suggests; there was a lot of MUD! The track consisted of woodlands and fields with various obstacle villages thrown in.

TeamGO finished in their group 15th. Not bad considering there was little to no training! Their camaraderie won through, spurring each on with laughs and groans of 'Why did we do this, rather ambitious should have done the 5k'!!

Mud Times

Chris Sawdon - 2.48.55

Euan Hughes – 2.48.55

Maricel Mahil – 2.48.56

Pranil Parekh – 2.48.56