8 Fuel Economy Hacks | GO Vauxhall

7 Ways to instantly improve your fuel economy!

  1. Starting with the most obvious, drive more economically! One of the major drivers of poor economy is the constant speeding up and slowing down over short distances such as between traffic lights or speed bumps. The key is to remain smooth and this will more than likely improve your MPG and secondly not induce unnecessary wear on the car.
  2. Don’t carry the kitchen sink! If you have lots of stuff in your car then firstly its messy and second of all you are lugging around extra weight for the sake of it, Get rid of it! Yes that does mean you shouldn’t carry around the roof box if you use it once a year!
  3. Make sure tyres are at the correct tyre pressure, under inflated or over inflated tyres can not only reduce MPG but be dangerous as this would affect the braking and driving performance! You may be tempted to over inflate to reduce rolling friction however this could pose a danger hazard especially when wet or icy as your tyres are fighting for grip.
  4. This one can be very dependent on the journey but avoid travelling at busy times can improve your sanity (the idea of sitting in gridlock traffic makes me light headed) and more importantly you won’t be stop start traffic which can ruin mpg performance.
  5. Should number 4 not be an option and you must travel during peak times then make sure your stop start is on (On by default). This can save you from idling in stationary traffic wasting fuel.
  6. This goes without saying but you should travel within the speed limits, driving at 80 mph on average uses 25% more fuel than it does at 70 mph!
  7. Up shift when you can, don’t make the engine sit at high revs as this is just burning fuel, upshift to a higher gear.


Vauxhall ecoFLEX technology consists of a lot of small, clever changes that add up to a big increase in overall efficiency – without ever compromising driving enjoyment. It involves significant improvements to our cars’ fuel systems. And it also means eliminating other hidden drags on fuel consumption by improving aerodynamics, refining gearing and re-engineering tyre profiles.

We’re especially proud of our new Insignia ecoFLEX (120/140PS) model, which is not only the lowest CO2 emitting car in its sector (C02 emissions are just 98g/km and 76.3mpg on a combined cycle) but also the most streamlined.