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Vauxhall Personal Contract Purchase

Available from GO Vauxhall Dealerships across London, South East England

Another option for car finance from GO Vauxhall is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). It is a flexible way to use and potentially own a vehicle. You can only take out a PCP plan through an authorised dealership such as ours, so make sure you contact us for the best deal.

On PCP, you set a deposit amount, mileage limit and agreement length. These are arranged around the deposit and monthly payments you are comfortably able to make. The flexibility of these aspects of PCP is designed to give as many motorists as possible access to a car on finance. Terms are usually short, lasting between one and three years.

You do not pay off the entire value of the vehicle on PCP. The amount is the difference between its current sale price and the estimate resale price when it is returned. By deferring part of the payment until the end of the term, the monthly payments are reduced. This is commonly known as a 'balloon payment' or Minimum Guaranteed Future Value (MGFV).

When the agreement comes to an end, you have several options. Making the balloon payment completes the term and grants you full ownership of the car. It is also possible to exchange the vehicle for another, to begin a new PCP agreement. Alternatively, you can simply return the car with no further payments required.

GO Vauxhall is here to help you find a Vauxhall car and a competitive PCP agreement. Please get in touch with one of our locations today for more details from our Vauxhall showroom team and car finance specialists.Text here ...


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