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Vauxhall Personal Contract Hire

Available from GO Vauxhall Dealerships across London, South East England

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is one of the ways you can finance a Vauxhall car. You have this option when you buy from GO Vauxhall – we will talk you through the terms and help you tailor the agreement.

The main advantage for many motorists is that the car is returned at the end of a PCH agreement. It is essentially a form of leasing. There is no option to own the vehicle, and this will suit drivers who want to change models regularly without worrying about depreciation.

However, the good condition of the vehicle will remain your responsibility throughout. There may be penalties for any damage and excessive wear and tear incurred. Part of the PCH agreement also requires you to have the car regularly serviced at an approved service centre. Keep things simple by booking in with us.

Setting up PCH is easy, and we will be happy to discuss your needs beforehand. Make a deposit, followed by fixed monthly payments for up to three years. The deposit is typically equivalent to two or three months' worth of payments, making PCH better suited to customers who can pay a higher deposit.

You will need to set a mileage limit at the start of your agreement. Exceeding this limit could result in additional charges when you return the car. The monthly cost is fixed, so you can anticipate payments and budget for them.

Discuss PCH and find out which cars are available on finance by contacting GO Vauxhall today.

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