Vauxhall Business & Fleet

Business Vehicle Services from GO Vauxhall across 10 locations in London, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex

GO Vauxhall can take care of all your business transport needs, taking the stress out of your hands. Our extensive range of options includes contract hire packages, quality vehicles for sale and a company car service.

Our popular contract hire packages allow you to use new Vauxhall cars for your business fleet without committing to a new vehicle purchase. We will send you a straightforward invoice at the end of each month, helping you to easily manage your cash-flow. You can decide how much control you have over the management and maintenance of your fleet, giving you and your business the flexibility you need.

We also offer a variety of new Vauxhall models for sale to suit your unique requirements and budget. And thanks to our exclusive offers and regular deals, we are confident that we can find the right vehicles for your business.

Our company car service helps you and your employees find the ideal vehicle for the right price. We will support your business and your team, helping to calculate the most cost-effective and sophisticated choice from our quality Vauxhall vehicles.