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Associated Partners: Driving Schools Offer

As part of our Vauxhall Ascociate Partners Scheme, UK Provisional and Advanced Driving instructors are eligible to purchase new vehicles from Go Vauxhall.

Customer Eligibility:

In order to be eligible to buy vehicles under this scheme, you must Register for the scheme and any nominated person may buy six vehicles in any 12month period. This is subject to provision of proof of Eligibility being provided upon request.

Proof of Eligibility:

When signing up for the Driving School Offer, please provide a copy of the following documents applicable to you:

ADI (Advance Driving Instructor) Licence.

PDI (Provisional Driving Instructor) Licence.

In addition to the above, please present with you a copy of the following membership:

DIA (Driving Instructors Agency)

DSA (Driving Standards Agency)

This offer may be used in conjunction with some of our existing offers - which are subject to change and terms and conditions. To find out more on which offers apply, please contact your nearest Go Vauxhall branch.