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Don't miss out on a bargain sale as we clear these demonstrators, Take a look at the the lists below as once they are gone they are gone!

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Registration NumberModelSpecificationColourLocationGO Vauxhall Price​Availability 
LV66DYUVauxhall Viva5dr Hat 1.0 75ps SE A/cTitanium GreyBeckenham7,095.00SOLD
GF66BUUVauxhall Corsa3dr Hat 1.4 90ps Limited EditionMagna RedBeckenham10,495.00SOLD
LF66BJYVauxhall ANTARA5dr 2.2cdti 16v 163 Exclusiv S/sSummit WhiteBeckenham12,795.00​SOLD
LV66NKAVauxhall ASTRA1.4T 16V 150 SRi 5drSummit WhiteBeckenham12,895.00​SOLD
LX66UUCVauxhall MOKKAHat 5dr 1.4 140 Tbo Tech Line S/sSovereign SilvrBeckenham13,995.00SOLD
LX66UUTVauxhall ASTRA1.6 CDTi 16V 136 SRi Nav 5dr AutoEmerald GreenBeckenham14,245.00
LV66DYDVauxhall ASTRA1.6 CDTi 16V 136 Tech Line 5dr AutoCarbon FlashBeckenham14,250.00
GU66XKKVauxhall MOKKAX Hat 1.4t 140ps Active S/sMineral BlackBeckenham15,750.00​SOLD

Registration NumberModel SpecificationColourLocationGO Vauxhall PriceAvailability 
GU66XKAVauxhall Viva5dr Hat 1.0 75ps SE A/cSparkling BlueChislehurst 6,995.00SOLD
LV16YDDVauxhall ADAM1.4i Slam 3drCarbon FlashChislehurst 9,545.00
LG66KVEVauxhall ADAM1.2i Glam 3drRed 'n' RollChislehurst 9,795.00​SOLD
LV66VGNVauxhall Corsa5dr Hat 1.4 90ps SE EcoflexCarbon FlashChislehurst 10,495.00SOLD
LV66DYPVauxhall ASTRA5dr 1.0t 105ps Energy Ecoflex S/sSovereign SilvrChislehurst 12,250.00SOLD
GV16OJKVauxhall MOKKA1.6 CDTi Tech Line 5drSummit WhiteChislehurst 12,995.00SOLD
GK66WFFVauxhall INSIGNIA1.6 CDTi ecoFLEX Limited Edition 5dr [Start Stop]Carbon BlackChislehurst 13,295.00SOLD
LE16KKCVauxhall MOKKAHat 5dr 1.6 Cdti 136ps SE Efx S/sCarbon FlashChislehurst 13,395.00
LE16VTTVauxhall INSIGNIA2.0 CDTi [170] Limited Edition 5dr AutoCarbon BlackChislehurst 13,445.00​SOLD
LX66UUBVauxhall MOKKA1.6 CDTi ecoFLEX Tech Line 5drSovereign SilvrChislehurst 13,645.00​SOLD
GU66DZTVauxhall INSIGNIA1.6 CDTi SRi Vx-line 5dr [Start Stop]Power RedChislehurst 15,395.00​SOLD
LV66DZGVauxhall MOKKAX Hat 1.4t 140ps Elite S/sBoracay BlueChislehurst 16,475.00​SOLD
LD66JDJVauxhall MOVANOL2h2 Fwd Van 3300 2.3cdti 130Halo SilverChislehurst 18,050.00SOLD
GU66TKTVauxhall MOVANOL2h2 Fwd Van 3500 2.3cdti 130Halo SilverChislehurst 19,725.00SOLD

Registration NumberModel SpecificationColourLocationGo Vauxhall PriceAvailability 
LD66ZDRVauxhall Viva5dr Hat 1.0 75ps SE A/cSummit WhiteCrawley 7,250.00SOLD
LV66NJXVauxhall COMBOVan L1h1 2000 1.3 Cdti 90 SportiveMagnetic SilverCrawley 11,295.00
LD16ZTZVauxhall ASTRA1.6 CDTi 16V Energy 5drSummit WhiteCrawley 11,995.00SOLD
LX66WDOVauxhall INSIGNIAHat 2.0cdti 130 EnergyAsteroid GreyCrawley 12,495.00SOLD
LV16YDLVauxhall MOKKA1.6 CDTi Tech Line 5drSummit WhiteCrawley 12,995.00​SOLD
LE16KKJVauxhall INSIGNIA1.6 CDTi SRi Vx-line Nav 5dr AutoAsteroid GreyCrawley 14,875.00​​SOLD

Registration NumberModelSpecificationColourLocationGO Vauxhall PriceAvailability​
LC16NYBVauxhall INSIGNIA1.6 CDTi ecoFLEX Limited Edition 5dr [Start Stop]Shiny RockCroydon14,295.00​SOLD
LD16OMOVauxhall ADAM1.4i Glam 3dr [Technical Pack]I'll Be BlackCroydon8,995.00​SOLD
GY16PTUVauxhall ASTRA1.4i 16V SRi 5drGranite GreyCroydon11,995.00SOLD
LD66GFKVauxhall ASTRA1.0T 12V ecoFLEX Energy 5drCarbon FlashCroydon12,250.00
LY16LZPVauxhall MOKKA1.6 CDTi ecoFLEX Tech Line 5drSummit WhiteCroydon12,650.00SOLD
LV16YDNVauxhall MOKKAHat 5dr 1.6 Cdti 136ps SE Efx S/sSummit WhiteCroydon12,995.00​SOLD
GU66TKYVauxhall GTCCpe 1.4i Turbo 140ps Sri St/spAsteroid GreyCroydon13,450.00​SOLD
LG66KVKVauxhall ASTRA5dr 1.6cdti 136ps Tech Line Au S/sCarbon FlashCroydon13,495.00
LV66EAGVauxhall ASTRA5dr 1.6cdti 110ps SriSummit WhiteCroydon13,995.00
GD16SYSVauxhall MOKKA1.6 CDTi SE 5dr AutoBoracay BlueCroydon14,450.00​SOLD
LF66YVXVauxhall INSIGNIA1.6 CDTi SRi Vx-line 5dr [Start Stop]Carbon BlackCroydon15,795.00
LF66SZZVauxhall CASCADA2.0 CDTi 170 Elite 2drAsteroid GreyCroydon17,245.00​SOLD
LD66UUHVauxhall MOVANOL2h2 Fwd Van 3300 2.3cdti 130Arctic WhiteCroydon19,995.00​SOLD

Registration NumberModel SpecificationColourLocationRetail PriceAvailability​
LV66GJKVauxhall ASTRA5dr 1.4t 150ps Sri Au St/spPower RedEdenbridge 13,945.00
GD16FLFVauxhall MOKKA1.6 CDTi SE 5dr 4WDSovereign SilvrEdenbridge 14,495.00SOLD
LY16ZRRVauxhall CASCADA2.0 CDTi 170 Elite 2drSummit WhiteEdenbridge 16,825.00​SOLD

Registration Number Model Specification Colour Location GO Vauxhall Price Availability
LE16FHR Vauxhall Astra Gtc Limited Ed Turb Black Sevenoaks 10,950.00 SOLD
GC16LWS Vauxhall GTC 1.6 CDTi 16V ecoFLEX 136 Limited Ed 3dr [Nav/Lthr] Flaming Yellow Sevenoaks 12,995.00
LV66OLP Vauxhall VIVARO L1h1 Vn 1.6cdti 125 Bi Sptve 2.7t Cassiopeia Slvr Sevenoaks 16,995.00 SOLD
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